#oscarwatch2011 SUPPORTING ACTRESS

Here’s my question: what the hell is Hailee Steinfeld doing in this category? She god damn narrated that movie. Her character was the main character. She belongs in the Leading Actress category, without a doubt. As a result, I don’t think she’s going to get this one. But props to that actress, she really impressed me.

I haven’t seen Animal Kingdom yet, so when I do, I’ll let you know about Jacki Weaver‘s chances. Props to Amy Adams in The Fighter. Long gone are my memories of Julie Powell and instead Charlene Flemming will remain in my heart, a hair-pulling-sister-beating bad-ass. While I don’t think she’s going to take the Oscar home, Adams has proved herself as a competent and serious actress, and I’m sure she’s going to take home a Leading Actress in the years to come.

That leaves Melissa Leo and Helena Bonham Carter vying for top stop. And trust me, I am in love love love with HBC, especially in The King’s Speech, so this is hard for me to say: but Melissa Leo should get it. Her performance in The Fighter was raw, it was strong, and it was genuine. It’s hard to find good mothers in Hollywood, especially ones that aren’t overly sentimental or cruel. Male directors often overly simplify the nuances to the mother-child relationship, but The Fighter gave an honest performance of family dynamics, and it couldn’t have been done without Leo.


~ by post-jazz on February 9, 2011.

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