pac-man attack!

I came home yesterday to find a giant box labelled “URBAN OUTFITTERS” – all of the stuff I bought the last time they had a massive online sale came! Most of it was silly cups and mugs for the apartment, but I got a few cheap shirts, too…

Does anybody else remember when Google turned its banner into a PacMan game?  Yeah, you do. I didn’t do any homework that day. As an homage to the greatness…

I heart this shirt so hard. There’s just something so wonderfully Canadian about a elk/(rein)deer wearing a hat.

And as an homage to Evey’s post about top-knots, I put my hair in one! Woo!


~ by post-jazz on July 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “pac-man attack!”

  1. I still play Google pacmac! I love it.

    Thanks for the shoutout 🙂 you look so cute in your top knot!

  2. PS: stoked to see this silly mugs…

  3. […] as part of my big box of urban outfitters goodness, i bought a (cheap!) iPod […]

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