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I made the lovely Evey a banner a while ago. After months it sitting in our DropBox folder, she finally noticed it and put it up. Huzzah! My friends don’t think I’m worthless!

If you want my reaction to the Oscars, you shoulda feen following my Twitter (@ohhaidavis). Overall: tired. They didn’t push any boundaries, which is such a shame because there were some very good films this year. Jian put it best when he said it felt like a dress rehearsal. Lesson Learned: just because they’re young and pretty doesn’t mean they are compelling hosts. But it wouldn’t have hurt to have better writers on board. The best part was Melissa Leo,  and that happened within the first hour. So if you didn’t see it, you didn’t miss much.

At some point I’ll get around to taking photos. Until then, you should take a listen to Ghosts and Horses (http://ghostsandhorses.com/), a great podcast. My favourite artist Dessa is interviewed, and there is a hilarious/compelling interview with his ex girlfriend. Self-deprecation at its most tasteful.


#oscarwatch2011 THE KING’S SPEECH

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I watched the King’s Speech last night – so much better than my mom said it was.  I liked it so much that I don’t even mind that I missed MoTown night in the Wardroom. The cinematography, the angles, the colours, the atmosphere, the acting – absolutely awing.

While The King’s Speech isn’t my personal pick for Best Picture, I admit it’s a heavy-weight in the category. I would not be devastated if it took home this award. Same goes for Original Score, Art Direction, Editing, Cinematography and Directing. In fact, it’s my #1 pick for Original Score, while my heart is struggling between Harry Potter & TDH and The King’s Speech for Art Direction.

Colin Firth is going to get it. Hands down, no questions.


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Sad Sunday’s explosive cousin is Terrible Action Movie Night, a night wherein Sarah and I will sit down to watch this year’s most unlikely nominations.

The Town

I’m looking forward to seeing Jeremy Renner‘s performance in The Town. While my friends all said this movie sucked, I’m a sucker for Ben Affleck so I eagerly await a viewing. Plus, Warner Bros. did some kind of promotional thing at the campus bar, so I have a Town poster and shot glasses. Seems like I should really watch it.


Angelina Jolie’s eyes look great when they’re photoshop’d.  Salt is up for Sound Mixing which really must say a lot about the level of Sound Mixing in 2010. I look forward to having more reasons to dislike her.

TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy: a Daft Punk music video starring Jeff Bridges as The Dude in Digital Space and Oliva Wilde’s tits, with predictably shitty dialogue and predictably awesome effects. TRON: Legacy was everything that I expected it to be. For those of you who were disappointing and attack it for being just another shitty action movie: fuck you. Nobody went to TRON expecting to be stunned by the dramatic depth of Garrett Hedlund, you went because of 80s nostalgia and shiny lights. And you fucking loved it.


“With an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train barreling toward a city, a veteran engineer and a young conductor race against the clock to prevent a catastrophe.”

Need I say anything more?

Iron Man 2

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

I might actually be more excited to watch these movies than some of the Best Pictures. And I’m not ashamed.

Tips n Tricks: Hair

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I am completely useless with all things hair-styling. Other girls I hang out with seem to effortlessly apply make-up, do french braids and match their clothing. The “girly” gene seems to have skipped me.

But that’s what they made the internet for!


messy buns

from here


messy side pony-tail

from here.

heidi braids

from here.


Fiery Chignon

from here.


recipes to try

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(aka readings? what readings?)

You might remember my foodie blog obsession. well, there’s some recipes i’ve bookmarked. who wants to come over and cook?

chocolate peanut butter spread from smitten kitchen (we’ll have to wait until gabe moves out for this one)


sweet potato soup from the hundry birdie:


#oscarwatch2011 WHAT’S NEXT?

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This weekend Sarah and I are hunkering down to get a large chunk of Oscar nominees out of the way. It’s called Sad Sunday, and we will be watching all of the depressing films we haven’t had to emotional energy to endure and have thus been procrastinating. What better way to face a depressing movie than to watch three in a row?

Blue Valentine, Rabbit Hole, and Winter’s Bone, followed by How To Train Your Dragon just so that we don’t kill ourselves.

#oscarwatch2011 THE FIGHTER

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We watched The Fighter last night. I didn’t see Million Dollar Baby and I didn’t see The Wrestler (although I want to). I figured The Fighter would be what I imaged those movies to be: Billy Elliot but with punching instead of dancing. The Fighter fucking blew me out of the water. Amy Adams and Melissa Leo scorched (and that’s the only way to describe it) the screen, and I didn’t even recognize Christin Bale underneath all that grease.